Cla and weightlifting

Cla and weightlifting

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is produced from a fatty acid of the Omega-6 group.

In nutrition, CLA is mainly found in beef, cow’s milk and cheese. It is also found in some fat loss supplements. This food supplement is very popular with athletes who want weight loss.

In weightlifting, CLA helps reduce joint inflammation and promotes fat burning. It works by decreasing the activity of an enzyme that transfers triglycerides circulating to adipocytes (fat storage cells).

This decreases the body’s ability to store fat.
CLA also helps to stimulate fat degradation. The triglycerides located in the adipocytes will then be decreased.

With a healthy diet and a good workout plan, CLA can promote better weight loss and help you achieve your goals. We recommend CLA 250 at a rate of 3 capsules a day during meals.