The benefits of supplementing with BCAAs

The benefits of supplementing with BCAAs

You have probably already heard about BCAAs. However, do you really know why they can be useful in training?

Here are some of the benefits of supplementing with BCAAs :

BCAAs effectively increase protein synthesis. By combining your training with good BCAAs supplementation, you guarantee maximum protein synthesis. In addition, BCAAs help prevent muscle loss if you stop exercising for a while. Preserving your muscle mass will help you keep your metabolism high and limit fat gain.

Another benefit of BCAAs is the reduction of muscle fatigue during training. The amino acids contained in BCAAs can be used by your body to make ATP. This molecule is the main source of energy of the human body.

It has been shown that BCAAs improve the body’s ability to use fat as energy during intense training.

Also, if you try to reduce the body aches caused by a training, BCAAs can help you. Taking 5 to 10g of BCAAs helps reduce muscle soreness for less than 48 hours.